Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plenty to Celebrate

ave you heard the good news? In spite of the ongoing barrage of unsettling news in the world today, there's still plenty to celebrate. Unless you enjoy feeling on the bottom rung of every ladder...unless you thrive on woe-am-I's, what if's, and if only's...and unless you live and breathe disastrous news, this blog is for you.

This, my first post, is more of an introduction of things to come.

I won't be posting typical headlines.
I won't be posting dumb facts or stories about idiotic people doing outrageous things.

I will post anything that strikes me as inspirational and uplifting. I realize it might not be your cuppa tea, but then, maybe you aren't into tea. That's ok.

We need to laugh and celebrate life. I hope you'll share this link with your friends and contribute your own inspirational stories and links, too.

Are you with me?



Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann said...

Great new blog, Bonnie!

Seedplanter said...

Hey there Chef Keem! Thanks for stopping in!