Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life on the Grumble Track

Funny how little grumbles often turn into big gripes. Big gripes turn into major complaints. And major complaints can turn into chronic dissatisfaction.

Tuesday found me complaining about my cold garage, where my washer and dryer live. This time of year, when night temps reach into the 20s, it's not the place I want to be. Never mind that I don't have to haul laundry to a stream and scrub it against rocks. Never mind that I just have to push a couple of buttons and return in an hour to retrieve fluffy, dry, dewrinkled clothes.

When I'm feelin' grumbly, stand back.

So I sorted five loads of laundry in piles, and decided to get to it early the next morning. As I stepped back into the warm house, I revisited the same old thought: Sure would be nice to have a laundry room inside where it's warm! (In Summer, I grumble that it's too hot out there: Sure would be nice to have a laundry room inside where it's cooler.)

Fast forward to the sound of rushing water. I had stepped out into the garage to get something from my freezer, and discovered water gushing from the top panel of the 50-gallon water heater. It must have flowed for at least three hours, because when I discovered it, the garage was flooded 2-3" deep. After my initial panic, I was able to turn off the water and survey the mess. And you know what I thought?

Ohmygosh, imagine the damage this would have caused if it had happened inside! It's much easier to deal with a flooded garage (read: concrete floor) than flooded flooring and carpet.

Sometimes it takes a watery detour to pull me off the grumble track.



Jennifer said...

Love the new look! Wasn't it easy?

How did you get rid of the little box in the upper left hand corner that has the website address on it?

Seedplanter said...

Hi Jennifer!

I only copy/pasted the first part of the HMTL into the widget. It ends with the "style" tag. Then I created a credit line of my own, directing visitors to the place that designs these backgrounds. See down on the righthand column? It's at the bottom of my Archives list. I just added a HTML/Javascript widget and typed a credit. I'll email you the exact code I used.

As long as we credit the web design place, that's what matters. I didn't like how that little box sat up there. It was distracting.

I love your new blog look!