Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Message on a Bumper

A modern British LED Traffic Light (Siemens He...Image via Wikipedia

I love bumper stickers, don't you? A few months back, I created a Squidoo lens called Bumper Sticker Central , where visitors can leave their bumper sticker sightings.

The very act of sticking a bumper message on a car says a lot about a person's character--what they treasure in life, what motivates them, how they view their world. I've sat behind more than a few cars at red lights and read "Back off!" type stickers. I've also been blessed by encouraging snippets of wisdom.

Yesterday, though, a bumper sticker made me think. I couldn't shake its message, and I thought about the person who placed it there. I wonder if they realized the impact it would have on people like me, who sat for a few brief minutes at a traffic light, waiting for the light to turn green. If I'd arrived five minutes earlier or five minutes later, I would have missed it. If I'd taken a shortcut to the post office instead of driving that route, I would have never seen it:

It is more difficult to praise rightly than to blame. - Thomas Fuller

Interesting, isn't it, how little incidents like this aren't really so little after all? It reminded me of the weight of my words, and how easy it is to lift someone's spirit--or to crush it.

Bumper stickers...gotta love 'em!



Grace Albaugh said...

Your photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing them. See you on graciewho.

Seedplanter said...

Thank you, Grace!

Angela M. said...

Love the bumper sticker lens -- lots of fun to read! Thanks for sharing.